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SHLEMA: The Reclamation of the Body as a Whole

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

"Body" was an object of passion for foreigners of external origins. Their goal was to examine it by any means possible to determine its limits, where it breaks down and falls apart. Captured by them, it was kept in confinement where they rudely possessed it, exploited all its physical and mental resources and emptied it of its essence for their own personal use.

"Body" lost consciousness and identification with its eternal self and at that moment was shattered and finally dismantled. Parts of its soul were scattered in the infinite space and remained fragile and exposed to various factors which made them their object while continuously exploiting them. They lost their identity and forgot their eternal origin to the point of not knowing their basic right to be independent with their own selves.

One day "Body" remembered the injustices that were done to it when it came back into conscious awareness. From that moment onward it embarked on a journey in which it fought for its Self and healed its wounds with the help of its unlimited power. It recollected the scattered parts of its soul and brought them into its control, regaining the exclusive authority and ownership over its Whole being.


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