Drawing inspiration from the corporeality as a way to construct a "Whole Self", Yasmin's work emphasizes her own female body as the center of her art. Her inner journeys begin with the body, which she uses as a mediator between "one" and "the world". There is no such thing as "other worlds" one may say, but in her rich reality of multi dimensions, the seen world is just a small part of the ever changing life we perceive. Having no limits to explore these worlds, she uses the arts as a medium that embraces the mysterious and the unknown. In this ongoing methodological study, her art functions as a  platform where the "real" experiments can happen. Together with the audience, the artist becomes the transparent vehicle for this otherness to come out, be seen and observed.  


As Yasmin's works deal with the mysterium, seeking to explore higher dimensions, the trauma sphere plays just as much of an important role as the divine one. As a matter of fact, drawing from her own experience with trauma and resilience, she sees them as important stepping stones to evaluate one's soul in the self realization process.  Spending 5 years of "searching for herself", she invented "The New Religion of the Body" to demonstrate the importance of knowing one's own body, the intricately connected structure which holds the infinite aspects of the self. As this project evolved, "knowing thyself" served no longer as the central theme, but now became a tool to collect the pieces together, to become "whole".