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Scrolls of Introspection
מגילות - חשבון נפש

Arad, Israel

Site-specific Installation

My first paper scrolls were made in 2021 as a means to record my emotions and existential states.
Over time, a considerable amount of scrolls accumulated in my studio and I decided to take them to the desert.
The specific place I had in mind , a crevice between cliffs, was where I felt I should make my installation and indeed I found the perfect and high enough point that I could deploy, or rather roll down, the scrolls. As I rolled the sheets down, I was confronted with my own compressed pain and the forces of nature - the burning sun and the gusting winds. With each roll spread out the wind pounded at full force and tossed the rolls I had worked so hard to arrange with stones on the cliff. Once opened for the first time, the scrolls were so energetically charged that they startled me as well. At one point the winds calmed down. Now that the scrolls have been provided their proper place, they became vented and finally emptied of the compressed cargo they carried. The inner initiation ended, and I felt free of the burden and pain I left behind.

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