Between the years 2015-2019 I presented my artwork "BODY = The New Religion".

The New Religion is a methodological research about the Body and its relations to the Self. Without any boundaries between me and my art, my own Body used as a platform for conducting artistic experiments. I was totally identified with my Body as a Religion. After a long process of individuation, I separated my Body from the Religion and integrated into being One with my real Self. Since then, I have applied a new title, “BODY Shlema”, to sign my artworks. 

Shlema in Hebrew means “whole”. Within the framework of my art, I have become an independent Body - whole in itself. 

The Art of Repression


Tel Aviv, Israel

BODY = The New Religion's Autonomous Zone.

An installation featuring a constant performance by the Master of the Body.

The Wanderers of the Body Orchestra

A group of 15 individuals wearing a costume made of Tomato-Leather, playing and celebrating "The Revelation of the Body Through the Grid", a piece written and composed by the Master of the Body,

This concert was performed for the first time at the opening night of the exhibition BODY = The New Religion.

View the video of the performance

Seven Minutes in Heaven


Tel Aviv, Israel

BODY = The New Religion's Headquarters. An installation featuring; 60 meters of "Homemade Tomato-Leather", a set of the BNR Props, a 7 minutes projection of the drawing series "Grid Points to a Body" and 7 minutes sound recording of a confession by the Master of the Body.

CONFESSIONMaster of the Body

Taken place on the 13th of May, 2015 at the St. Anthony's Church in Jaffa, Israel.

A Grid Points to a Body


Mixed media on a calendar.

A methodological study about the relationship between the Body and the Grid is represented here through a series of 50 drawings.

Hall of Body


Calafou, Catalunya, Spain. 2015

A site-specific installation, performance.


An old church, In an abandoned textile factory, was transformed into "The Hall of Body". 

As part of the initiation ceremony, a performance took place by the Master of the Body and the community members of the Calafou Collective.


Hall of Body Initiation Ceremony

BODY in New York

New York, USA.


A 40-day performance by the Master of the Body in which 10,000 copies of The Body Manifesto were spread throughout the city of New York.

I was there on a missionary quest - to declare the "BODY" as the New Religion, using an information stand, a costumed coat, and my Body.




Urban Art Rave, Tel Aviv, Israel 

At the Urban Art Rave, an interactive performance was taken place.

The instructions were easy, the participants had to close their eyes and concentrate on one thing only - a spot in their Body which for them was their "Self". While being isolated with a set of blindfold and headphones (playing a 528 Hz binary beat), 

the participants were both having a chance to have an "out of body experience" and become a living sculpture.

BNR's Love Machine


WAS Biennale for private houses, Valley of Springs, Israel

As part of the WAS Biennale for Private Houses, the main bedroom in a house was converted into a "Love Machine". 

The Background was filled with the sound-work "All You Breathe is Love".

All You Breathe Is LoveMaster of the Body



Andrea Meislin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

A 7 days project in which videos were broadcasted live on YouTube. 

BODY TV is the final closure in a series of exhibitions, live performances, site-specific interventions, writings and more manifestations of BODY = The New Religion artwork. ​

3rd Encounters From a BODY

Art N’ Tribe, Tel Aviv, Israel


An interactive performance by the Master of the Body in which she was presented as a medium of the Body. The visitors were given one on one sessions in which their body was being channeled. They became "A Body which Speaks Itself", a verbal representation of the inner self in the state of absorbing art.

Body Reading

BODY TALK, Sputnik Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel



An interactive performance by the Master of the Body at the "BODY TALK" group exhibition. Each person was given a personal "Body Reading" foretelling instinctive meanings of their body's state. The reading was written on a disposable glove which was presented throughout the exhibition.