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Between the years 2015-2019 I presented the artwork "BODY = The New Religion".

This is a methodological research about the Body and its relations to the Self. Without any boundaries between me and my art, my own body was used as a platform for conducting artistic experiments. I totally identified with my Body as a Religion. After a long process of individuation, I have finally integrated into being One with my real Self. Since then, I have applied a new title, “Shlema”, to sign my artwork. 

Shlema in Hebrew means “whole”. Within the framework of my art, I have become an independent Body - whole in itself. 

The Art of Repression


Tel Aviv, Israel

BODY = The New Religion's Autonomous Zone.

An installation featuring a constant performance by me as the Master of the Body.

The Wanderers of the Body Orchestra

A group of 15 individuals wearing a costume made of Tomato-Leather, playing and celebrating "The Revelation of the Body Through the Grid", a piece written and composed by me.

This concert was performed for the first time at the opening of the exhibition BODY = The New Religion.


View the video of the performance

Seven Minutes in Heaven


Tel Aviv, Israel

BODY = The New Religion's Headquarters. The installation features 60 meters of Tomato-Leather, props from "Holy Body Parts", a 7-minute projection of the drawing series "A Grid Points to a Body" and a 7-minute audio recording of a confession I made just before the exhibition opened.


Taken place on the 13th of May, 2015 at the St. Anthony's Church in Jaffa, Israel.