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Yasmin Hassidim

Born in Israel, 1989




2013 - 2015          M.F.A., Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel

2010 - 2011          Academy of Fine Arts Münster, Münster, Germany

2008 - 2012          B.F.A., Fine Arts Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel



Honors, Awards, and Scholarships 


2014                      Award of Excellence and T.A. scholarship, MFA, Bezalel

2012                      Award of Excellence in the Fine Arts Department, BFA, Bezalel




2022                     Arad Contemporary Art Center, duration: one week, Arad, Israel

2021                     Artist-in-Residence Program for Israeli artists – The Goethe Institute and Bronner Foundation,                                                   duration: six months, Düsseldorf, Germany

2014                     Arava Creates, duration: one week, Art in the Arava Desert, Sapir, Israel


Solo exhibitions & Performances

2022                      Scrolls of Introspection, Arad, Israel

2021                      The Return From The Witch's Hunt, in collaboration with Maksim Hartwig, Hahnentor at the Rudolfplatz,                                Cologne, Germany

2021                      KNOW ONE ONLY NOW, curator: Uwe Juchum, Parter - Teatro Della Imagine, Dusseldorf, Germany

2017                      Bye Bye Body TV, CC17tv Studios & Youtube Live, curator: Nimrod Gershoni, Andrea Meislin Gallery,

                              Tel Aviv, Israel

2016                      Body in New York, 40 days street-based performance, New York, New York, USA

2015                      Hall of Body, Calafou, Catalunya, Spain

2015                      BODY = The New Religion, curator: Meital Aviram, M.F.A. Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 6                                            Abulafia St., Tel Aviv, Israel

2012                      A Team, Fine Arts Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem,Israel

2012                      Aquarium Arcade, Fine Arts Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design,

                              Jerusalem, Israel



Selected group exhibitions


2021                      KunstFilmFestival, ES365, Dusseldorf, Israel

2020                      Open Studio, Outdoor Gallery on Weizmann Boulevard, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

2018                      BODY TALK, curator: Marina, PoznerSputnik Gallery,  Tel Aviv, Israel

2017                      Treasure Art IV, curator: Debi Oulu , Uriel Acosta Gallery, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel

2017                      3rd Body Encounters, Tribe N’ Art, NOOR,  Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel

2016                      Leather, Peninsula, curator: Roni Hajaj, Loving Art - Making Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

2016                      A Grid Points to a Body, The VI Biennale for Drawing, curators: Haftel Naveh Sally, Moshenson

                              Edna, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem,Israel

2016                      BNR's Love Machine, WAS Biennale, Solomons Sanctuary, Valley of Springs, Israel

2016                      OUT-OF-BODY, Urban Art Rave, Bascula TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015                      Grid Points to a Body, Calendars, curator: Shiri Tarko, Hanut 31 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2014                      Mellow Yellow, Asonologia, curator: Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, Museum of Petach Tikva,

                              Petach Tikva, Israel

2013                      Tomato Leather, Arava Creates, curators: Avi Nevo and Assa Bigger, Art in the Arava desert, Sapir, Israel

2012                      Tashmishim, curator: Vered Hadad, Koresh Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel



Initiative Projects 


2015                       Trial, a Public Open Court for discussing the relations between Arts and Politics, Andrea Meislin Gallery,                                 Tel Aviv, Israel


2014                       Out of the Blue, a conference about the situation of artists in Israel, Program organizer and hostess of                                     the Conference, Gan Ha’chashmal, Tel Aviv, Israel 

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