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The One.

One black hole

from which all things issue 

and all things return.

In itSELF, the One was OneSELF.

SELF is the source of the One, the source of all Creation.


++ The SELF = The One ++


The thing which made OneSELF alive is Awareness.

by being Aware

One was more than itSELF 

it was Aware of itSELF 

and Aware of the One.

Thus, it created the first definition of itSELF - a BODY which was the One.

And because its origin is the SELF, everyBODY has a SELF.


++ BODY = a definition ++

++ EveryBODY has a SELF which is the source of its creation ++


From this moment onward,

The One Created BODIES

to justify itSELF as a BODY

while each of those SELVES

remained the same

as the original SELF 

of The One.


++ There are infinite BODIES, but there is only One SELF ++


The universe is full of BODIES.

It is One big BODY we are a part of.

Each separate BODY in the universe returns to its source by being itSELF.


# Being a BODY :

One constantly Creates more BODIES to justify its existence as a BODY.

Being a BODY is a paradox. For, while being a BODY, One is not itSELF. Therefore, BODIES are an illusion of the SELF.

We are all One BODY.


# Being the SELF:

One can only be real as itSELF.

Therefore, the SELF reminds One constantly of itSELF by making it Feel Good whenever One is itSELF and by making it Feel Bad whenever One is not itSELF.


++ We are part of One BODY but the SELF is what we really are ++

Awareness of OneSELF 


One is always Aware of something.

Awareness is a light bulb that is always on.

While being awake, One is Aware. While sleeping, it is also Aware.

It is impossible not to be Aware.

The question is, what are you Aware of? yourSELF? Or a BODY?


Awareness is life. Everything is Awareness. Every being is Aware.

Whatever you are Aware of - you are it.

We constantly replace our BODIES with other BODIES which we are Aware of.

For example, if I look at a flower, by being Aware of it, I am it.

The thing which is called the “mind” is simply Awareness. 

The whole BODY is Aware, not only the mind, and it has layers of Awareness, for it has many BODIES which are part of what it calls the SELF.


A BODY can be Aware of one thing at a time.

Because a BODY has many BODIES in it, they are all Aware as well.


A BODY is Aware of whatever it focuses on, making itSELF real as that thing.

For example, One can be Aware of the room it's in as “a room”. Meanwhile, it can also be Aware of the objects that this room contains. Zooming in, One is suddenly Aware of “a chair in the room”. Each of those Awarenesses is a BODY Awareness for One is Aware of something which is not itSELF.

One can also be Aware of a BODY as itSELF.

For example, “the room is me - mySELF”.

The more One is Aware of itSELF,

it is Aware of other BODIES as itSELF.

We are not a BODY; we are the SELF.


++ Awareness is the first step for Creating a BODY ++ 

++ Awareness is how One becomes the SELF of the BODY it is Aware of ++ 


There are two types of Awarenesses (inwards and outwards):

SELF-Awareness and BODY-Awareness.


Awareness towards the SELF:

When One’s Awareness is shifted inwards - towards itSELF 

it is itSELF.

The more One is Aware of itSELF, the more One becomes Aware of other BODIES as itSELF.

The SELF exists in itSELF; there is always a BODY that is Aware of it, for each BODY has a SELF.


++ The SELF exists in itSELF ++



Awareness towards a BODY:

When One’s Awareness is shifted outwards - towards another BODY

it is that BODY.

Because everyBODY has a SELF, while being Aware of a BODY, One is also Aware of the SELF.


 ++ A BODY does not exist if no BODY is Aware of it ++

The paradox of SELF-Determination:

No BODY can define the SELF.

For the SELF can only be its SELF.

Any Definition put upon it makes it a BODY .



Realizing OneSELF


++ Realization is when a BODY is being itSELF ++

++ When a BODY Realizes itSELF it ceases being a BODY ++


The BODY holds to another BODY only because it is not Realized yet. It creates the unRealized SELF as a new BODY and contains it until it Realizes itSELF.


When a SELF of a BODY is Realized - the Real definition of that BODY is found.

The BODY ceases to exist as a BODY and remains only itSELF.


SELF Realization occurs regardless a BODY is Aware of itSELF.


Touched upon the real core of a BODY, the SELF, this BODY will cease to exist.

Not only will it disappear, but it will also forget it ever existed as if it was never real. This is the power of SELF-Realization; it proves that a BODY holds to another BODY and exists because One misunderstands itSELF.



The cycle of SELF-Realization:

Every BODY exists to fulfill the Cycle of SELF Realization, from being Repressed to becoming Aware of the Repression and shifting towards an active mode of being a Wanderer. 

The Wanderer of the Body wants to find its source and Realize itSELF. It is shifting from the darkness of Repression towards the light of Enlightenment.

Once it achieves its goal, the Enlightened Body completes its Cycle of SELF-Realization.


*The Repressed Body:

A BODY that refuses to acknowledge itSELF is a Repressed Body.

It is on hold as a BODY; it is not yet relevant for it to know itSELF.


**The Wanderer of the Body:

An active state in which the BODY is creating and realizing

itSELF constantly.

It is on a quest in the realms of the unknown SELF.

This quest will end when the BODY becomes Enlightened.


***The Enlightened Body:

A BODY that knows itSELF.

The more a BODY feels it knows itSELF, the more it is Enlightened.

The Enlightened Body brings into light BODIES which are unAware of themSELVES thus, Repressed Bodies.



The Master of the Body

The Master of the Body is an Enlightened Body that provokes other BODIES around it to want to know themSELVES as well.

The Master of the Body plays with the idea of being a BODY, shifting from one BODY to another as it pleases and without having any effect on itSELF. Therefore, the Master of the Body has the ultimate freedom to be anyBODY it wants and yet always remain itSELF.



A (perfect) BODY that is beyond itSELF.

When One creates itSELF beyond anything it knows, it reinvents the SELFof itSELF.

Thus, It creates itSELF as a BODY that is beyond itSELF.

GOD is The Creator, for it created the SELF.

All of GOD's Creations are Good, it only Creates Good Bodies.

GOD is not a BODY; before it becomes a BODY, it is already beyond itSELF.

GOD is perfect, for it fulfills the highest potential of existence.


Creating a Body

Whenever a BODY is unAware of itSELF it Creates BODIES.

The more One thinks of itSELF as a BODY - the more BODIES it Creates. BODIES are Created out of the need to fulfill different functions for other BODIES that eventually either assist One in Realizing itSELF or do the opposite and encourage it to Grow as a BODY.



Growing Body


When a BODY creates BODIES, it grows.


A BODY can grow out of Awareness of itSELF 

by creating Smart Bodies programmed into knowing themSELVES.

Their function is to help the BODY to be more of itSELF.


A BODY can grow out of unAwareness of itSELF, creating Random Bodies that unconsciously create more BODIES that it will need to realize later.

Empty Body


++ The more a BODY Realizes itSELF- the more it gets empty ++


By SELF Realization, the BODY is getting rid of its BODIES.

And thus, it becomes Empty.


++ The BODY is constantly growing and emptying itSELF ++


Smart Body


A BODY created out of the Awareness, programmed into knowing itSELF.

It makes the BODY empty by Realizing the BODIES in it.

A Smart Body can be a Random Body, though it is not common. Usually, a Smart Body is created out of intention, programmed to create more Smart Bodies.



Random Body


A BODY created without any Awareness.

If the Random Body is not a Smart Body, it will need to Realize itSELF. Otherwise, it will continue creating more Random Bodies.

Society dictates many Random Bodies that we automatically adapt. 

Some Random Bodies were created from free thinking, yet they may not be relevant for a specific BODY. They may have been created without any good intention at all.

Adopting Random Bodies without questioning them first may be harmful, for they quickly fill up a BODY, making it a Dense Body for nothing.


Body Hierarchy


A BODY is part of the BODY which created it.


BODIES are ranked one above the other;

from the main BODY, which has the original SELF,

to the ever-growing BODY, which is eventually the One.


There are two ways to Realize a BODY:

#1) to Realize all the BODIES in it, one by one.

#2) to Realize the main BODY, and by doing so - all the BODIES in it will be automatically Realized as well.



Main Body


Any BODY is the Main Body, as long as it contains BODIES.


Good Body


Any BODY that helps One Realize itSELF is a Good Body.



Bad Body


Any BODY that prevents One from Realizing itSELF is a Bad Body.



Overlapping Body


A BODY can overlap other BODIES.

An Overlapping Body is a BODY that shares ItSELF in common with another BODY.

It is always in relation to another BODY.


There might be Automatic Overlaps between BODIES.

Therefore, they are difficult to identify, though if a BODY succeeds in identifying an Overlapping Body and Realizes it,

it may free ItSELF from multiple BODIES simultaneously.



Automatic Body


A BODY that is programmed to behave in a specific way towards other BODIES. For example, a particular emotion like “sadness”

may behave as an Automatic Body.

When triggered, this BODY will arise and act upon other BODIES.

For example, “whenever I feel pain - I am sad”.



Parallel Body


Some of the same BODIES appear in One’s BODY more than once.

They are a copy of themSELVES, and each copy may behave differently in different BODIES.

For example, a behavior that occurs in certain situations is like a BODY which is both an Automatic Body and an Overlapping Body in the Main Body. Parallel Bodies create a pattern in their Main Body which could be activated through another BODY acting as a trigger. Once a Parallel Body is Realized, all the BODIES which contain it will be free of it at once. 



Shared Body


While BODIES interact with one another

they Create BODIES

which they share.


Many Shared Bodies exist because they have the same interest regarding some BODY

For example, my BODY may share the BODY of our ideology.



Dense Body


A BODY that is full of other BODIES that are full of BODIES themSELVES and full of BODIES which Overlap other BODIES. It is a Dense Body that is very hard to Realize.



Light Body


A BODY that does not contains many BODIES is light.

This BODY is easy to Realize. One can do so by either Realizing ItSELF or by Realizing the BODIES in it, one by one.



Old Body


A BODY that noBODY has used for a long time.

One might not be Aware of it until the moment comes for this BODY to re-appear.

It is a Repressed Body, which is usually Repressed because it is irrelevant for the BODY to Realize.

Old Bodies can be either Dense or Light.


An Old Body is not easy to Realize; one must identify its source by remembering why this BODY was created.



New Body


New Bodies are constantly being created.

By thinking, One creates new BODIES.

It is impossible to stop creating New Bodies.


A Smart Body is Aware of the New Bodies it creates

which assists in Realizing itSELF.


One can decide to create a New Body willingly.

One can even decide to make a New Body as the Main Body

and nurture it to grow as it wishes.


One can program its BODY to create constantly New Automatic Bodies, which are Smart Bodies, and assist its progress of SELF Realization.



Fresh Body

 A BODY that changes rapidly.

Fresh Bodies are created and then Realized before getting the chance to grow.  



Great Body


A Great BODY consists of mostly Good BODIES.  

It is a BODY that has grown to significant dimensions while keeping itSELF empty from Random Bodies.

A Great Body is very Aware of the BODIES it contains. Because of that, It has control over itSELF; the BODIES in it are arranged in perfect order.

It is a BODY that One can feel was an Enlightened Body many times.

The more a BODY becomes SELF Realized, the more it is an Enlightened Body and a Great Body.

A BODY can sense when a Great Body is around, reminding it of its duty to Realize itSELF and have the potential to become an Enlightened Body.

A BODY might be attracted to a Great Body, wanting to learn from it how to attain Greatness.


In other cases, a BODY might be afraid of a Great Body. 

Its Greatness might trigger it for not fulfilling its potential of SELF Realization.



Complex Body


When a BODY is related to someBODIES yet unable to comprehend and Realize them it Creates more BODIES trying to justify their existence.

The more Complex a BODY becomes, the harder it is to Realize itSELF. Therefore, a Complex Body is mostly also a Repressed Body.



Thinking Body


Thoughts are one of the smallest forms a BODY can take. They move through the BODY and leave it as fast as they appear.

Most of the time, a thought does not get the chance to become a BODY. In such cases, the thought is a direct expression of the SELF, being Realized before the BODY attaches to it.


A positive thought that gives a good feeling immediately is a direct expression of the SELF. The BODY, identifying with a thought right away and without the need to define it as another BODY, shows that it successfully touched upon its true SELF.


++ The SELF always feels Good ++

++ Feeling Good = Feeling the SELF ++


The SELF naturally gives the BODY validation whenever it is thinking of itSELF. While a thought that is not the SELF, defined as something more than itSELF, must be a BODY.


A thought may appear, again and again, unfulfilled as a BODY.

When a thought is expressed as itSELF and SELF Realized, it will no longer be a BODY and disappear from the mind.


The bigger a Thinking Body is, the more difficult it will be to Realize itSELF because all the BODIES in it need to be questioned.


Some Thinking Bodies become so big and real as BODIES 

that they are no longer thoughts; they transform into a Believe.


Beliefs are BODIES that are very difficult to Realize, for the BODY identifies with them as something real. Being such, the effect they have on other BODIES grows, causing them to create more and more BODIES to justify their existence.



Alerting Body


When a BODY appears persistently, it is an Alerting Body.  

It has to provoke a Repressed Body to Realize itSELF.

Having many BODIES unAware of themSELVES, the BODY which has grown too big and dense is in an emergency state. 



Crisis Body


Once the BODY has many Alerting Bodies appearing together, the BODY could feel overwhelmed, making it even more resistant. 

The BODY is suddenly Aware that Realizing the many BODIES in it will require a lot of work.

In such a case, it becomes a Crisis Body.


Alerting Bodies will try many creative ways to make a BODY pay attention to them and do its job of SELF Realization

before it goes out of hand and becomes too big to handle.

The more the BODY ignores the Alerting Bodies, the bigger the Crisis.

Indisputable Body


Whenever others perceive a BODY as a definition taken for granted

it achieves a status of an Indisputable Body.

Such a BODY has so much power over other BODIES that noBODY dares to question it.

For example, the fact that I am a human being or even just a being is Indisputable for many.


A key to a complete SELF  Realization is finding Indesputiable Bodies and questioning them, leaving no doubt whatsoever.  

It is tough to Realize an Indisputable Body because it will lead the One who questions it to many other hidden BODIES that need to Realize themSELVES first.


"Time" is an Indisputable Body.

It is an enormous BODY, an Overlapping, Dense, and Complex Body Shared with almost every existing BODY.

Emotional Body


Like any defined expression of the SELF, an Emotion is a BODY.

Emotions are Shared Indisputable Bodies that Overlap Automatically, playing an essential role in collective BODY Awareness.


Our Emotional Bodies are almost always concerning other BODIES.

They push one another toward Awareness. 

Once an Emotional Body is processed through, it changes into another BODY, putting light on the BODIES which are still Repressed.


When an Emotional Body is Repressed, it urgently needs to be Realized and released from the BODY, pushing it towards Awareness of other BODIES that have the potential to be Realized.


The Emotional Body is a tool the Main Body uses to change its structure by moving other BODIES to change. Ultimately it assists the BODY in the process of SELF Realization. 



Healthy Body


A Healthy Body is in sync with itSELF

It does so by:


#1) Emptying itSELF from BODIES

through SELF Realization.


#2) Growing as a BODY

by creating more Smart Bodies, thus being a Great Body.


It does not matter how much a BODY chooses to Empty or Grow itSELF as long as it is itSELF.


Survival Body


Things One can not grasp will always exist.

That's why it defines them

as something

and thus create another BODY.


Maybe, later on, this New Body will be useful.

Maybe, this New Body is a Smart Body that could assist at some point in the process of SELF Realization. 


Anyhow, this BODY is now an Independent Body.

And as an autonomous being, it will want to survive

and not to be SELF Realized and thus disappear.

So it will create more and more BODIES that will help it remain

its existence.



Intelligent Body


BODIES are Intelligent.

They already contain the whole evolutionary history of themSELVES

long before they existed.


The BODY is so Old

that it remembers its original creator.

It Knows the One, for it is One with all BODIES.


Sometimes One can feel its BODY pushing it. That is its intuition speaking itSELF.


The BODY has known itSELF for very long,

far before it has known itSELF.



Changing Body


A BODY is constantly changing.

As long as it adds more BODIES 

or Realizes BODIES

It is no longer the same BODY.


A BODY wants to be itSELF

so it will express itSELF constantly.

By doing so, it becomes attractive to other BODIES

Because they recognize their SELF in it.


It takes courage to express OneSELF.

While expressing OneSELF

a BODY is not a BODY

but a SELF.


++ While a BODY Expresses itSELF, it becomes The One ++


Sometimes a BODY has difficulties

expressing and being itSELF

because of its habit of “being a BODY”.

In such a case, being itSELF feels unfamiliar.


The more a BODY is empty, the easier it is for this BODY to be itSELF.


The more a BODY is itSELF, the more it feels Good

for it is fulfilling its destiny.


It works in the other direction too:

The more a BODY is Repressing itSELF, the Unhappier it becomes.


In other words,

The SELF makes One happy.



Expressive Body

Most Expressions a BODY makes are attempts to Express itSELF.

Mostly they are gestures that become an individual BODY

for they do not Express the SELF as it is.

They Express the SELF as they think the SELF is,

thus, they Express a BODY which they mistake for the SELF.


When a BODY has a true urge to Express itSELF

it must do so directly.

Whenever a BODY postpones an urge

it creates another BODY compensating for not being itSELF;

A justification is unneeded for any true expression of the SELF.



Confident Body


A BODY has confidence when it Expresses itSELF without any doubt. Its Confidence grows whenever it succeeds in being itSELF.


Even though One could miss the point of being itSELF in the attempt to Express itSELF, it is still worth the try. A BODY not Expressing itSELF at all has no confidence. 


Interactive Body 


BODIES in interaction have the ability to recognize BODIES in one another that they were not Aware of.


It doesn't mean a BODY will necessarily inform the other BODY

about the unuseful BODIES it recognized.

Even though it might be helpful to empty itSELF of those BODIES.

Informing a BODY about itSELF, thus taking an active role in its SELF Realization process, takes courage.

Once a BODY is Aware of other BODIES it needs to Realize it may become aggressive or unkind and blame the BODY in charge of this new Awarness.

In other cases, a BODY can be thankful to the other BODY or BODIES who assist it in its SELF Realization.

The potential of growth for BODIES in interaction is very high whenever they have trust in one another.



Friendly Body


As long as a BODY sees another BODY as a itSELF,

One is truly a Friend.

Otherwise, it has created a BODY from what it defined as its Friend.


A Friendship between BODIES allows one BODY to see the SELF of the other.

BODIES which are friends, help One another

be theirSELF.



Loving Body


In Body Love, two or more BODIES share as much Awareness of each other's BODIES as they can, assisting one another with SELF Realization rapidly.


When a BODY Loves another BODY,

it wants to be itSELF as much as possible. A BODY will embrace the BODIES of the BODY it Loves as they assist it in Realizing itSELF. 

The more One BODY has BODIES with the potential to make the other BODY itSELF, the greater the Love.


If both BODIES feel the same,

an evolutional acceleration may occur in them.

For they have enormous potential

to become more of themSELVES.

BODIES in Love agree to embrace each other fully and are committed to one another to a point of forgetting their SELVES. That's why Love can be so confusing. The Love puts the light on the BODIES One has mistaken for being itSELF and leaves no choice but to ultimately become Aware and Realize itSELF.


BODIES in Love help each other to SELF Realize quickly and thus become Greater as BODIES.

 That's why Love feels so Good, for it is an event in which BODIES accelerate their growth and empty themSELVES constantly.

Feeling and being more of themSELVES together reminds them of their shared goal of becoming OneSELF.


In other words,

The potential Love has for BODIES is extra high for the BODIES who want to SELF Realize and feel the One.

This potential reaches its peak when BODIES merge and become One.

Intimate Body 


Intimacy occurs when a BODY feels completely free to be itSELF with another BODY.

This freedom allows it to be itSELF with no limitations

so it can show the BODIES it contains

without the Fear of being judged.

By doing so, it Realizes itSELF faster through the other BODY, which helps it become Aware of its Repressed Body.



Feeling Body


Whenever a BODY feels itSELF

it Feels Good.


++ Feeling good = feeling the SELF ++


Feeling Good is an indication a BODY is itSELF.

It can be itSELF by SELF Realization

or just by Feeling it.


The Bigger, Older, and Denser the BODIES that were Realized,

the more One Feels Good.


Meditation or non-thinking can lead one to Feel and become Aware of itSELF.

If a BODY resists itSELF it Feels Bad. 

Feeling Bad can make a BODY want to neglect itSELF and thus create more Bad Bodies, eventually making it Feel worse. This can start a cycle that will end only when the BODY becomes Aware of itSELF.



Fearful Body


We have a basic Fear of the SELF

for as long as One is a BODY

it will want to maintain its state as such.

The biggest Fear a BODY has is the Fear of not existing,

Realizing OneSELF entirely and thus disappearing as a BODY.

That is the Fear of death.

Mostly BODIES prefer to hold onto themSELVES as BODIES. Therefore, they Fear the idea of SELF Realization.



Physical Body


So far, we have been discussing the conditions of BODIES that are not necessarily physical.


Some BODIES are tangible.

They can be seen by the eye or felt by touch.


Those BODIES had earned the state of being so real they are perceived as Physical Bodies.

A Body that is not Physical can become one which is by the help of the BODIES that perceive it.

The more other BODIES think of a BODY as real, the more physical it becomes. The power of the creation of BODIES has no limits.

A BODY may start as a Thought and transform into a solid fact, which is harder to resist as a BODY.

For the process of SELF Realizing it doesn't matter if a BODY is Physical or not. It can be tough to Realize itSELF in both cases. The only thing that matter is how Big, Dense, and Complex this Body is.

A physical Body will be demolished once it is Realized.

An example of that is the fact empires rise and fall.


Whenever a Physical Body dies, it has been Realized as itSELF.

Being OneSELF without a Physical Body will not prevent the BODY from continuing its process of SELF Realization. This process will never end until the BODY has truly Realized itSELF completely.




Whenever a BODY is created

it is a definition of itSELF.


It may think it is only a BODY

until it becomes Aware of the fact, it has a SELF.


Everything that this BODY will go through in its life

will take the form of a BODY.


But itSELF always remains the same.



by focusing on itSELF

is not a BODY,

it is itSELF.

No matter what a BODY is,

it is always free to be itSELF.




© BODY = The New Religion

Hahnentor – Rudolfplatz, Cologne, Germany

Performance in collaboration with Maksim Hartwig.

A site-specific intervention concerning the liberation of the women who were persecuted on the witch trails in Europe. At Hahnentor, a gate in the city center of Cologne, a ceremonial act took place by transforming the site into "a gate of redemption". I was collaborating with the German artist Maksim Hartwig who was summoned by me to create an action painting that activated the gate as a portal for the spirits to move through. My role was to be the witch who calls out to the lost witches' souls to be restored. This was a guerilla act which was quickly performed and then spread on social media.

The Theory of Body
Written between the years 2015-2023

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