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Selected Artworks 

Work In Process
2020 -

This series called "Shlema" (which means whole in Hebrew) unites all the pieces of myself. These works depict a process of continuous transformation of feminine power through a series of abstract drawings and paintings that presents a body of whole-beingness.

SHLEMA 2.jpg

2015 - 2019

This multimedium project includes numerous exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, and written theory.

BODY = The New Religion is a platform to examine what a body is, what it can do, and how it can be evaluated in order to make the best out of ourselves. Functioning as an "anti-religion", it declares the "Body" as the most important thing to believe in.

שלמה יסמין חסידים


A project at the Arava desert in Israel. Within the traditional framework of Land Art, I visited the agricultural local community of Ein Yahav, from which I received a total amount of 150 kg of tomatoes to create the work Tomato Leather

Yasmin Hassidim


This is an interactive art installation in which I have transformed the space into a living painted sculpture. For a palette, I used a collection of surfaces that served as"life samples" condensed into patterns.  

Yasmin Hassidim


A series of six-shaped canvases based on an algorithm. 

Yasmin Hassidim
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