Art Changes Reality - a fact I am constantly aware of,  reminding me how big my responsibility is as an artist. I see myself as a spiritual activist, here to deliver a message, inspire and provoke oneself to grow beyond.

As an approach towards making art, I am radical. I don’t take anything for granted. My work is always site-specific. I believe that in order not to become political, art should never rely on its own historical discourse. Otherwise, It is not new and it is definitely not contemporary.


Once I have a database of definitions which I call “Reality”, the zeitgeist of which I am a part of, I feel ready to use it as my new setting, my new palette. The significance of each of those perceptions has on me as an individual is not important. It may range from meaningless to a meaning which is almost divine. The data is distilled and refined through the conceptualizing process of the artwork until its original meaning is completely sublimated into something new. At some point, I step aside and let it go on its own.


The Art becomes an independent Body which creates Itself.


The outside borders and limitation are what I am trying to free myself of as an individual. I like to refer to those borders as “The Grid”. Modernity invented a fascist method for enlightenment. The failure of the Modern Ethos is an epic story which is still fresh and unintegrated. I feel its remains by the geometry that operates us on a daily routine. The actual living Body can never be fitted into the oppression of the Grid.

Hard edges and defined outlines are pointing to this disappointment which ends as a new creative drive for my work - to be OFF THE GRID.